Review of the best ASICs for mining cryptocurrency in 2018

Standard ASICs for mining cryptocurrency are designed as chips. The chip is impossible to reflash and is designed to be a high-efficiency miner. High-quality models come with several chip-based processors, power supply units and coolers. Now that you know what an ASIC is, let’s move on to the next thing we need to discuss. In particular, we need to talk about the features to pay attention to when choosing an ASIC.

Review of the best ASICs for mining cryptocurrency in 2018

Here is what you need to take into account:

  • Hashrate (or efficiency)
  • Electric power consumption. ASICs consume lots of electric power. That’s why before buying any particular model, you need to check the network power and the amount of electricity the device consumes.
  • Quality-to-price ratio. On the basis of the information, you’ll be able to see when you’ll get the money invested in an ASIC back.

There is one more thing to point out. If you’re the one interested in mining cryptocurrency, it’s important for you to know that at present, it’s more profitable to invest money in cloud mining than to buy an ASIC. Cloud mining services allow you to take advantage of the same ASIC devices. The only difference is that they’re the property of the data centers and are maintained by the staff of those centres.

Technical Specifics

ASIC (application-specific integrated) — is an integrated circuit customized for a particular use. Unlike the integrated circuits intended for general-purpose use, these circuits are used in particular devices, and the set of functions they perform is strictly limited by the set of functions that the devices (they’re used in) perform. That’s why ASICs can perform their functions faster. Due to this fact, it’s cheaper to use them.

These are the following examples of ASICs: chips intended for smartphones only and chips intended for hardware that encodes/decodes audio and video signals (signalling processors). The list of the cases when ASICs can be used is strictly limited and depends on its functions.

As a rule, modern ASICs come with a 32-bit processor, memory units (both ROM and RAM) and a number of other units. An ASIC of that nature is often called a “System-on-a-Chip”. In case of designing digital ASICs, Hardware Languages like Verilog and VHDL are used to describe their functions.

Things to pay attention to when choosing an ASIC

There are several very important things to pay attention to when you’re choosing an ASIC for your mining rig. They’re as follows:

  • Hashrate that shows the efficiency of an ASIC. The higher is the hashrate, the bigger the price to pay for an ASIC. Still, there’s no use to deny the fact that efficiency is the most important factor when it comes down to mining.
  • Electricity consumption. The truth is that ASICs consume lots of electrical energy. That’s why before buying one you need to make sure that you’ll be able to supply enough power.
  • Price. The thing is that when mining Bitcoin becomes very popular and the price of the cryptocurrency increases significantly, the devices intended for mining also becomes a lot higher. Things like that happen when a new model of a mining device (that’s twice as powerful as the previous one) is introduced to the market. For instance, Antminer S9 allows to mine 14 TH/s meanwhile the previous model (Antminer R4) allows to mine only 8 TH/s.

What ASIC do I need to mine Bitcoin?

Let’s see which of the ASICs available at the market currently is the best for mining Bitcoin.

  1. Batterfly Labs Asic has the card that allows to mine 600 Ghash/s and consumes 0.6 kWh
  2. ASIC TerraMiner allows to mine 2 TH/s and consumes 2 kWh
  3. Antminer S5 has the hashrate of 1155 TH/s and consumes 590 W
  4. Avalon 6 requires the input voltage of 11.6 V and the network power of 1200 W. You’ll also need an open-air power supply unit and Raspberry Pi network controller (B+ version of the model)
  5. Antminer S7 has the hashrate of 4.73 TH/s. However, the manufacturer stated that the hashrate might be 5% lower/higher. This model of ASIC consumes 1293 W and functions well if the input voltage amounts to at least 11.6 V
  6. Antminer S9 is powerful enough to mine with the speed of 13.5 TH/s. The working temperature of the device can vary from +25°C and up to +40 °C. Energy efficiency amounts to 0.1 Dg/Gh

Reviews of the best ASICs introduced to the market in 2018

Let’s have a look at the most efficient and popular models.

Antminer S9 with 13.5 Th/s

Antminer S9 with 13.5 Th/s

  • HashRate: 13.5TH/s ±5%
  • Electrical energy consumption: 1350 W
  • Energy efficiency: 0.1 J/GH
  • Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V
  • CPU: 189x BM1387
  • Dimensions: 350mm(L)*135mm(W)*158mm(H)
  • Cooling: 2x 12038 fan
  • Working temperature: 25°C to 40°C
  • Connection: Ethernet

Antminer S7

  • Hashrate: 4.73 TH/s ±5%
  • Electrical energy consumption: 1293 W
  • Energy efficiency: 0.25 J/GH
  • Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V
  • CPU: 135x BM1385
  • Dimensions: 301mm(L)*123mm(W)*155mm(H)
  • Cooling: 2x 12038 fan
  • Working temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Connection: Ethernet

Antminer R4

Antminer R4

  • Hashrate: 8.6TH/s ±5%
  • Electrical energy consumption: 845 W
  • Energy efficiency: 0.1 J/GH
  • Noise level: 52 dB (in case ambient temperature is 35°C)
  • CPU: BM1387
  • Number of cores: 126
  • Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00 V
  • Dimensions: 515mm (L)*100mm (W)*222m (H)
  • Connection: Ethernet

Avalon 6

Avalon 6

  • Hashrate: 3.65 TH/s
  • Energy efficiency: 270 J/th*s;
  • Input voltage: not less than 11.6 V
  • OS of the controller: Software is provided by the manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 354mm (L)*136mm (W)*150mm (H)
  • Cooling: cooler 12038 fan (3800 rpm)
  • Network controller: Raspberry Pi (B/B+ version)
  • You’ll need to get an open-air power supply unit
  • Nominal power: 990 W
  • Maximum capacity: 1200 W

Antminer S5

Antminer S5

  • Hashrate: 1155 TH/s
  • CPU: BM1384
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Cooling: 1 fan (model 12038) + 2 radiators installed on the working boards of the device
  • Electrical energy consumption: 590 W
  • Energy efficiency: 0.51 J/GH
  • Working temperature: 0-35°C
  • Dimensions: 298mm (L)*137mm (W)*155mm (H)

ASIC mining calculator (Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Monero)

You’ll find the most accurate ASIC calculator here:

It’s quite easy to use. Choose the ASIC-miner you have (Bitcoin/Monero/ZCash or Ethereum) or the GPU mining rig you have. Enter the data concerning the hashrate and electrical energy consumption. Click on the “Calculate” button. You’ll get the data concerning the power your device consumes as well as the data concerning your potential profit (automatically converted into USD, RUR, EUR and UAH).

Apart from the general data, you’ll also be provided with a set of tables containing information about how much cryptocurrency you’ll earn per day (week and month). Your potential profit will be converted into various currencies (the data about it will also be provided). You’ll also be able to see how much electricity your device will consume per day (week and month).

All in all, this calculator can make the process of choosing the device you need for mining purposes a lot easier. You’ll be able to get the necessary information within a very short period of time, and you won’t have to make unnecessary efforts to do it.

All models of ASICs. Comparison table containing information about the hashrates, efficiency and prices

Model Hashrate Efficiency Average price
AntMiner S1 180 Gh/s 2.0 W/Gh $299.0
AntMiner S2 1000 Gh/s 1.1 W/Gh $2259.0
AntMiner S3 441 Gh/s 0.77 W/Gh $382.0
AntMiner S4 2000 Gh/s 0.7 W/Gh $1400.0
AntMiner S5 1155 Gh/s 0.51 W/Gh $370.0
AntMiner S5+ 7722 Gh/s 0.44 W/Gh $2307.0
AntMiner S7 4.73 Th/s 0.25 W/Gh $479.95
AntMiner S9 13.5 Th/s 0.098 W/Gh $1,987.95
AntMiner U1 2 Gh/s 1.25 W/Gh $29.0
AntMiner U2 2 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $49.66
AntMiner U3 63 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $38.0
ASICMiner BE Blade 11 Gh/s 7.72 W/Gh $350.0
ASICMiner BE Cube 30 Gh/s 6.67 W/Gh $550.0
ASICMiner BE Sapphire 0 Gh/s 7.59 W/Gh $20.0
ASICMiner BE Tube 800 Gh/s 1.13 W/Gh $320.0
ASICMiner BE Prisma 1400 Gh/s 0.79 W/Gh $600.0
Avalon Batch 1 66 Gh/s 9.35 W/Gh $1299.0
Avalon Batch 2 82 Gh/s 8.54 W/Gh $1499.0
Avalon Batch 3 82 Gh/s 8.54 W/Gh $1499.0
Avalon2 300 Gh/s N/A $3075.0
Avalon3 800 Gh/s N/A N/A
Avalon6 3.5 Th/s 0.29 W/Gh $499.95
bi*fury 5 Gh/s 0.85 W/Gh $209.0
BFL SC 5Gh/s 5 Gh/s 6.0 W/Gh $274.0
BFL SC 10 Gh/s 10 Gh/s N/A $50.0
BFL SC 25 Gh/s 25 Gh/s 6.0 W/Gh $1249.0
BFL Little Single 30 Gh/s N/A $649.0
BFL SC 50 Gh/s 50 Gh/s 6.0 W/Gh $984.0
BFL Single ‘SC’ 60 Gh/s 4.0 W/Gh $1299.0
BFL 230 GH/s Rack Mount 230 Gh/s N/A $399 (used)
BFL 500 GH/s Mini Rig SC 500 Gh/s 5.4 W/Gh $22484.0
BFL Monarch 700GH/s 700 Gh/s 0.7 W/Gh $1379.0
BitFury S.B. N/A N/A N/A Avalon Clone 85GH 85 Gh/s 7.65 W/Gh $6489.0
Black Arrow Prospero X-1 100 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $370.0
Black Arrow Prospero X-3 2000 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $6000.0
Blue Fury 3 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $140.0
BTC Garden AM-V1 310 GH/s 310 Gh/s 1.05 W/Gh $309.0
BTC Garden AM-V1 616 GH/s 616 Gh/s 1.05 W/Gh $350.0
CoinTerra TerraMiner IV 1600 Gh/s 1.31 W/Gh $1500.0
Drillbit N/A N/A N/A
HashBuster Micro 20 Gh/s 1.15 W/Gh $688.0
HashBuster Nano N/A N/A N/A
HashCoins Apollo v3 1100 Gh/s 0.91 W/Gh $599.0
HashCoins Zeus v3 4500 Gh/s 0.67 W/Gh $2299.0
HashFast Baby Jet 400 Gh/s 1.1 W/Gh $5600.0
HashFast Sierra 1200 Gh/s 1.1 W/Gh $7080.0
HashFast Sierra Evo 3 2000 Gh/s 1.1 W/Gh $6800.0
Klondike 5 Gh/s 6.15 W/Gh $20.0
KnCMiner Mercury 100 Gh/s 2.5 W/Gh $1995.0
KnC Saturn 250 Gh/s 1.2 W/Gh $2995.0
KnC Jupiter 500 Gh/s 1.2 W/Gh $4995.0
KnC Neptune 3000 Gh/s 0.7 W/Gh $12995.0
LittleFury N/A N/A N/A
Metabank 120 Gh/s 1.42 W/Gh $2160.0
NanoFury / IceFury 2 Gh/s 1.25 W/Gh N/A
NanoFury NF2 4 Gh/s 1.35 W/Gh $50.0
BPMC Red Fury USB 2.5 Gh/s 0.96 W/Gh $44.99
ROCKMINER R3-BOX 450 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $200.0
ROCKMINER R4-BOX 470 Gh/s 1.0 W/Gh $210.0
ROCKMINER Rocket BOX 450 Gh/s 1.07 W/Gh $599.0
ROCKMINER R-BOX 32 Gh/s 1.41 W/Gh $65.0
ROCKMINER R-BOX 110G 110 Gh/s 1.09 W/Gh $88.0
ROCKMINER T1 800G 800 Gh/s 1.25 W/Gh $325.0
Spondooliestech SP10 Dawson 1400 Gh/s 0.89 W/Gh $2845.0
SP20 Jackson 1.3-1.7 Th/s 0.65 W/Gh $248.99
Spondooliestech SP30 Yukon 4500 Gh/s 0.67 W/Gh $4121.0
Spondooliestech SP31 Yukon 4900 Gh/s 0.61 W/Gh $2075.0
Spondooliestech SP35 Yukon 5500 Gh/s 0.66 W/Gh $2235.0
TerraHash Klondike 16 5 Gh/s 7.11 W/Gh $250.0
TerraHash Klondike 64 18 Gh/s 7.06 W/Gh $900.0
TerraHash DX Mini (full) 90 Gh/s 7.11 W/Gh $6000.0
TerraHash DX Large (full) 180 Gh/s 7.11 W/Gh $10500.0
Twinfury 5 Gh/s 0.85 W/Gh $216.0
Avalon USB Nano3 3.6 Gh/s 0.85 W/Gh $55.0
GekkoScience 9.5 Gh/s 0.33 W/Gh $49.97

Comparison of ASICs and GPUs. What devices are more profitable to invest in?

Earlier, it was supposed that GPU mining is the only way to mine cryptocurrency. A miner was supposed to buy GPUs and build his/her own mining rig using them. When mining using GPUs, you get a stable income. You can find out which method of mining is more profitable by looking through the statistics data.

ASICs have become very popular devices to be used for mining purposes. ASICs have the following characteristics:

  • Fast start
  • Software is rarely updated
  • There aren’t many things you need to have in order to start mining with an ASIC. You need a twisted-pair cable to connect it and a power supply unit
  • When using an ASIC-miner, you have a limited number of algorithms to choose from
  • An ASIC-miner will function only if there is a server unit
  • High level of noise
  • You can’t fix an ASIC
  • You can’t resell your ASIC-miner because the models become outdated soon after they are introduced to the market

As for the mining rigs, build with the help of GPUs, they have the following characteristics:

  • You can mine any cryptocurrency you want
  • A GPU mining rig produces no noise
  • You’re very likely to unsuccessfully sell your mining rig out (or at least part of it)
  • You can fix a GPU mining rig

Of course, it takes a lot of time to buy everything you need and build a mining rig. Besides, you’ll have to bother about updating the software quite often. If you don’t do it, your speed will drop down. It’s quite hard to move a mining rig that you use to a different place. Mining rigs get broken very often, and there are lots of things you need to buy in order to build them.

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