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Hello, there. I want to share with you the information about a new crypto calculator. I believe you’ll find it to be really advantageous. The calculator was created by one of the Reddit community members and is designed with the view of allowing a miner to calculate the ROI as well as his/her profit. Here are some other features of the calculator:

  • Apart from one of the most popular currencies (EUR, USD), the calculator supports lots of other currencies. Consequently, it can be used by miners living in different parts of the world.
  • The calculator allows a miner to keep track of the coins he/she earns when using a pool. To make things even better for potential users, the developer of the tool made it possible to convert the crypto currency earned into the currency that’s used in the country where a miner lives.
  • The calculator takes into account such factors as power usage, the price a user is to pay for electricity and hashrate in order to determine the period of time that’s necessary to reach ROI.
  • The data about the price of the crypto assets are taken from the Coinmarketcap portal. However, a miner is free to add some other sources that provide the data about the value of cryptocurrencies.
  • There isn’t much needed in order to be able to start using the calculator. If you plan to take advantage of it, be ready to provide the API address of the pool you use, the address of your personal e-wallet, the information concerning the total sum of money you paid for your rig and your power usage.

I’ve tried the calculator myself and I should say that it’s great! The developer says that he continues working on the calculator so that to make it better. You can use it free of charge. The only thing to do is to copy the spreadsheet before starting to use it. Hope you like it. Good luck!

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