How to Mine Ethereum the Easy Way – an Ethereum Mining Contract

Mine Ethereum the easy way

Mining Ethereum is a very popular theme nowadays that many people talk about. The truth is that it’s not that easy to mine Ethereum using your PC. A potential miner is required to prepare thoroughly before he/she can start a mining process on his/her PC (if you’re interested in knowing more about the process, there is an article on our website from which you’ll get all the information you need). If you know that you have neither skills nor time to go through all the steps of the preparation process, there is a way out. We are talking about the fact that you can pay a provider who’ll do all the hard job for you. This way you also won’t have to bother with necessary equipment.

If you’re serious about starting a career as a miner in a cloud mining industry, the first thing to take care of is finding a trustworthy company. All you need to do is to invest money in a contract offered by this company. Since the cloud mining theme is becoming more and more popular, there are many companies that offer different contracts. Consequently, it may be not that easy to decide which company you should trust especially if you’re a newbie. We believe that one of the most reputable companies is Genesis Mining. This company was the first to come up with a set of Ethereum mining contracts. You just pau money for a contract and that’s all. You don’t have to download any software as well as you’re not required to take measures in order to ensure that the process is running smoothly.

If you still doubt that it’s profitable to buy a contract from a cloud mining company, let us explain why we think there are no reasons to hesitate investing in such contracts. The very first reason is that these companies buy in bulk. Consequently, they get discount on all the graphic cards they buy for work. The second reason is that they run their machines in locations where the process of running them doesn’t cost a lot. Therefore, all the sums saved on operating costs go to miners. The fact that may amaze you moat of all is that Genesis mining company uses green energy to run their machines. So you may be sure that your ‘activity” doesn’t have a bad impact on environment (if it’s important for you). To sum it up, you’ll be right in the center of the technological revolution while taking care of nature.

As a rule, all the contracts you’ll find with this company last for the period of 1 year. keep in mind that you’re not required to pay any additional charges during the period except for the additional charge you pay when buying a contract. Some miners can say that this sounds too good to be true. Actually, the crux of the matter is that this company hedges their profit and loss. They hedge the ether price. Such like an approach allows to guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Moreover, mining with this company you get 100% guarantee in terms of uptime. In other words, if it so happens that your miner goes offline, the company will replace it with their own machines. (It’s almost like an insurance of some kind).

One more thing that matters is that you won’t hear all the noise created by the machines that are working.

On the basis of all the reasons mentioned above, we come to the conclusion that it’s very beneficial to buy a contract with a cloud mining company unless you’re a person who wants to mine by himself/herself for whatever reasons there are. We tend to believe that those who mine by themselves very often “lose the battle”. it may so happen that they don’t get anything at all because they have to bear all the risks.

We’ve carried out a small investigation and we’ve decided that there are 3 contracts from Genesis mining that are worth your attention: Small/Medium/Large Ethereum Mining Contract.

The total sum is calculated on the cost per MH basis. Remember that the more you buy, the higher is the discount you get. (This is the rule that “works” only because ETH is considered to be 2nd most popular cryptocurrency in the world). As for the principles according to which the system works, you’ll receive a daily return that you’ll be able to withdraw on to your Ethereum wallet.

There is a number of other guides on our website that you’ll find to be quite interesting. They are the guides telling you all you need to know about cloud mining contracts and Ethereum.

Ethereum mining contract


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