How to Mine Ethereum on a Windows PC

Using ethOS for Ethereum Mining

Actually, it’s not that easy to start mining Ethereum on a PC with Windows operating system. Today, we are going to tell you about how to do it on 64-bit Windows. Al in all, the whole process of getting ready shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes if you follow the instructions provided in this article. Before you can start, there is a need to download 2 programs. We also recommend you checking that you have a good GPU that has more than 1 GB of memory. Only under the condition that you have such a GPU you’ll be able to mine successfully and efficiently. The thing is that the process of mining Ethereum is associated with a hard-hashing technique.

If you wish, you can also mine Ethereum Classic (ETC). In this case, you’ll have to change the commands you are to enter as it’s described in the 7th Step.

A good GPU will allow you to mine as much as 25 Mega Hashes. That’s why we encourage everyone who wants to start earning cryptocurrency to take the question of choosing a GPU seriously. In our opinion, trying to save some money when buying a GPU isn’t worth it if you want to take the most out of the mining process.

Remember that you also have an opportunity to buy a cloud mining contract. There are lots of options to choose from. We suggest buying a contract with either Hashflare or Genesis Mining.

The process of installing the necessary program, running the synchronization of Blockchain and creating your own address

The 1st Step. First of all, it’s necessary to download Geth program that serves as a kind of a “third party” between your PC, its components and other PCs in the Ethereum Network. When a block is mined by a PC that belongs to a different miner, you’ll receive this information.

The 2nd Step. Unzip the file with the program and save it on your Hard Drive. We recommend you saving the files on the (C:) Hard Drive. This way it’ll be easier for you to make the next step.

The 3rd Step. Run the program. You need to do it via the Command Prompt. Run a search (type in “CMD” and press enter).

The 4th Step. Now you can see the Command prompt window. If you’ve never worked with it before, don’t worry. Everything is easier than it seems to be. The line C:\Users\Username> is the line where the username that you used to log in is shown. If your name is “cryptominer”, it’ll look like this: C:\Users\cryptominer>. Your task for now is to make your computer search in a different directory. Type cd/ in the next line (you’ll see “C:\>”). The command you entered means “change directory”.

The 5th Step. Now it’s necessary to tell the program to create a new account. Since you saved the program on the (C:) Hard Drive, all you need to do is just type in “geth new account” and then press enter. You can see the following line now: “C:\>geth account new”.

The 6th Step. Now, you’re asked to enter your password. Attention: You won’t see what you’re typing/ Please, type carefully and save the password somewhere. The thing is that is you lose it, you’ll lose all the Ethereum you mined due to the fact that you won’t be able to restore your password and get access to the account.

The 7th Step. Now, you need to synchronize your programs with the rest of the network. You’re to type in the following: “geth –rpc” (you’ll see the: “C:\>geth –rpc”). If you have the latest version of the program, this command may not work. If it so happens, you’re to type in “geth –rpc –fast –cache=1024”. After it, you press enter. The process of synchronizing has begun. (You’ll have to wait for some time. The time it takes to for the process of synchronization to finish depends on the size of the blockchain. If there is firewall installed on your PC, the process may get blocked. In order to proceed, you’re to click on the “allow access” button. Do not close the CMD window. You’ll have to keep it open while mining as well. You are to start mining only after your program gets synchronized with the blockchain. You’ll also be asked to specify if you prefer mining on the hard fork chain or the chain without it. Here everything depends on what exactly it is that you want to mine: if you’re up to mining Ethereum, type in “geth –rpc –support-dao-fork”. However, if your aim is Ethereum Classic, the following command is necessary: “geth –rpc –oppose-dao-fork”.

The process of installing the necessary mining software and starting to mine cryptocurrency

The 8th Step. Apart from the program you installed before, you need one more program. It’s Etminer. The program allows your GPU(s) to run the hashing algorithm that’s implied by the network. The algorithm actually serves as a “security system”. It takes into account the proof of work.

The 9th Step. Download the program and run the installation process. Just wait for the process to finish. If your system blocks it, simply click either “allow” or “OK”.

The 10th Step. You need to open one more CMD window. If you forgot how to do it, follow the instructions provided in the 4th step. In this new window you’ll see the line: “C:\users\username>”. Once again, you need to change directory in order to find the “place” where the Ethminer is saved.

The 11th Step. You need to type in the “cd/” command. Press Enter. This way you’ll make the program search for the Ethminer on your (C:) Hard Drive. You’ll get the following line: “C:/ drive – not your user file”.

The 12th Step. In order to proceed, you are to type in the phrase “cd prog” (this is the way it looks on the screen of your monitor: “C:\>cd prog”). After that, you need to press the “Tab” button on your keyboard. This way your PC will look for files with the name that closely fits the phrase you entered. (You’ll see: “C:/> cd “Program Files”. Press Enter and you’ll see the following: “C:\Program Files>”).

The 13th Step. You need to type in the “cd cpp”. Press “Tab”. Press Enter. Finally, you got to the folder where the Ethereum software necessary for mining is installed. (This is what you see on the screen of your monitor first: “C:\Program Files>cd cpp-ethereum”. After you press Enter, you get the line: “C:\Program Files\cpp-ethereum>”).

The 14th Step. This is when the process of GPU mining is run. Check that the synchronization process is over before proceeding. You type in the ethminer –G and press enter. The process starts right after a DAG file is created (should take not more than 10 minutes). You need to be aware of the fact that problems can occur on this stage. You may get a message saying that your memory of your card isn’t enough to start mining according to the algorithm. In case such a message appears, you have to options: you can either continue mining or buy a better GPU. It’s all up to you.

If you see the message, there is a solution. Press Ctrl+C together. The process will be canceled. You can try again. If you fail to successfully run the process, you may still mine. However, you’ll have to mine using your CPU instead of your GPU.

The 15th Step. This step is all about how to start mining with CPU. You’re to type in “ethminer” and proceed by pressing Enter. You also have to wait for a DAG file to be created. Once the file appears, you can start the mining process itself.

The 16th Step. If you want to find out what your hashing power is, type in the following command: “ethminer –M” (if you’re using your CPU to mine) or “ethminer -G -M” (if you’re using your GPU). Right after you do it, you’ll get the result.

There may occur a certain problem at the stages 15 and 16. In particular, you’ll see a message like: “JSON-RPC problem. Probably couldn’t connect. Retrying in 1…”. The problem is very likely to occur due to the fact that your blockchain isn’t synchronized completely.

Possible errors and solutions:

  • You may have problems when trying to mine using Nvidia cards. The solution to all these problems is to type in the following command: “ethminer –opencl-platform 1”.
  • If you fail to find any peers, use the following command: “geth –nat=none”.
  • If you have an ATI card, there may occur a need to optimize the process of mining. In order to do it, open the Command Prompt window and type in the following commands: “setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0”, “setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100” and “setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1”.
  • When you run Ethminer, try setting up the following parameters: –cl-global-work 16834 –cl-local-work 256.

How to mine Ethereum

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