How to Mine Ethereum with Minergate GUI

How to Mine Ethereum with Minergate GUI

The program we’re going to tell you about today will allow you to earn different cryptocurrencies with no problems at all. You’ll manage to run the process quickly and you don’t even need to have any special knowledge due to the fact that the program will provide you a detailed step-by-step instruction. Mining can be called a current trend. It allows a person to earn cryptocurrency and this industry is developing very fast. Still, it should be pointed out that not all the persons who are interested in earning cryptocurrencies are able to do it due to the lack of knowledge or lack of money they can spend on buying a cool graphic card. The program you’ll learn facts about today is meant for everyone. It allows a person to successfully start a career as a miner in a cloud mining industry.

The program implies no need for a potential miner to set certain parameters or bother with the need to understand “Matrix” terminals and type in long commands in the Command Prompt window. You only need to have a PC and a stable Internet connection. MinerGate will do all the hard job for you. It allows you to mine even if you don’t have a GPU.

MinerGate can boast its own interface that looks quite pretty. It has its own incorporated multipool that can be described as “user-friendly”. The program is designed on the basis of a smart algorithm that guarantees a miner that he/she always gets the most out of the hardware installed on the PC that’s used.

The variable difficulty algorithm implemented in the program allows to send the number of Ethereum blocks to miners on the basis of their effective hashrate and equipment performance. That’s why absolutely everyone can mine with the help of the program without the need to try hard.

The process of mining ETH using the MinerGate Software

The 1st step: You’re to create an account on the official MinerGate website. Since the program has its own wallet, you won’t have to waste your time setting up a wallet that’ll you’ll use to store the funds you earn. We recommend you choosing a strong password that’ll protect your wallet and activate the 2FA. This is a 2-factor authentication that won’t allow a third party access your wallet even under the condition that he/she knows your password.

The 2nd step: Download the software and install it. Everything is quite easy there. The website will detect the operation system installed on your PC and offer you the best version of the MinerGate program.

The 3rd step: Once the program is installed successfully, you’ll be asked if you want the program to start the mining process immediately. The program detects the equipment installed on your PC automatically. On the basis of the results, it offers you the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. However, it doesn’t mean that you should accept the offers you get. Everything is up to you. If your aim is to mine ETH, simply ignore the offer you get.

The 4th step: Click on the “Start Mining” button and specify the number of cores you want to use. There is a certain thing to keep in mind when doing it. Of course, your hashrate will be slower if you decide to use less cores than you use on your CPU/GPU. However, in this case, your hardware will be under less stress. Before the mining process starts, the program takes it time to create a DAG file. Wait for the process to finish. Once it’s finished, the process of mining will start automatically!

That’s it! You’re mining ETH! As you can see, everything is easy and the whole process doesn’t take that much time.

The process of mining ETH on the MinerGate pool with ethminer and Genoil miner

In case you’re an old-school miner who feels more comfortable when using more traditional methods, you can connect to the MinerGate pool via a command line like ethminer. The commands that you need to type in are as follows:

  • “ethminer -C -F –disable-submit-hashrate” (if you plan to mine with CPU)
  • “ethminer -G -F –disable-submit-hashrate” (if you plan to mine with GPU)

If you want to use the ethminer fork (Genoil Miner), type in the following commands:

  • (OpenCL): “ethminer -G -F”
  • (CUDA): “ethminer -U -F”

Special feature of the MinerGate program to pay attention to

We believe we need to share with you the information concerning the unique features available to those using the MinerGate program. There are the following features to take advantage of:

  • Multi Pool. It means that a miner is free to choose a cryptocurrency he/she wants to mine. There are 10 cryptocurrencies that you can mine using the program.
  • Smart algorithm of mining. The algorithm detects the currency that’s the most profitable for you to mine. Besides, the algorithm is designed so that the switch between the currencies happens automatically thus allowing you to earn as much as possible. You are free to turn on/off the algorithm if you don’t need it.
  • Merged mining. It means that a miner is allowed to earn 2 cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Keep in mind that the hashrate of your main currency won’t be decreased.
  • You’re able to decide how much pressure should be put on your hardware. The program gives you an opportunity to not only mine with either CPU or GPU, but also with both at one and the same time. You’re also free to decide how many cores you want to use when mining. This way you can keep the amount of heat and electricity produced by your hardware under control.
  • Admin version. If you want to be able to mine using not only your PC, there is the Admin version of the software that makes it possible for you to mine using your personal MinerGate account. Keep in mind that when you start mining on a PC that belongs to a third party, it won’t be granted the access to your wallet where all the earned funds are stored.
  • Actually, you are not required to download and install any software in order to start mining with the MinerGate. You can successfully mine using the official website and your own bandwidth!
  • You can easily see the profit you get each hour, each day or every week using the MinerGate calculator.
  • You can compare the hardware you use with the hardware used by other miners in order to assess how good it is.
  • Reward system. Each time you succeed as a miner, you’ll be rewarded a badge. Try to collect all badges in order to win a special prize waiting for you.
  • Affiliate program. The program encourages you to invite your friends, colleagues and family members to join the cryptocurrency hunt. The more people you invite, the more referral profit you’ll earn!

We believe that there is nothing more that needs to be said. Don’t hesitate to join the ETH hunt with the help of this program from the Miner.

How to mine Ethereum with Minergate GUI

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