How to Automatically Restart Mining If Stopped

How to Automatically Restart Mining If Stopped

This article is written with the aim of helping miners to resolve one of the biggest issues that may occur during the mining process. We believe that every person who already has mining experience is interested in finding a way to make this process running as smoothly as possible. Today, you’re going to learn about an approach that allows to restart the mining process automatically in case it gets stopped.

Actually, it’s rather hard to find there is no universal mining monitoring software that’ll allow a person to restart the process automatically. Of course, you can take advantage of the paid software if spending a certain sum of money isn’t a problem for you. However, we need to warn you that this software has limitations in terms of the algorithms or pools it can work with. If you’re looking for a universal software, we recommend you having a look at the Windows Powershell script that was made by one of the miners.

So what exactly it is that makes the script truly unique and beneficial to anyone of those who likes mining cryptocurrencies? Below you’ll find a short description of its features.

  • The script can monitor the temperature of your GPU(s). In case it so happens that the temperature of your GPUs changes, the necessary measures will be taken automatically. For example, if the temperature increases and exceeds the threshold specified, your graphic cards will stop working so that to cool down. Once the temperature gets back to normal, the script will re-run the miner. There is one more thing that needs to be pointed out. Those who have problems with Internet connection, will definitely find the feature valuable. If you have several Internet connections and one of them suddenly goes down, the script will enable the miner to automatically connect to the other Internet connection.
  • In case there occurs the stoppage of mining process, you’ll receive a notification via email. It means that you’ll be able to take necessary measures on time. This is very important since if you don’t know that your mining rig isn’t working you’re very likely to lose a very big sum of money.

Now, let’s get down to the process of installing the script. There are several steps you’ll have to make.

  1. First of all, you’re to create a shortcut of your mining batch and then rename it to jkcrypto. Have a look at the picture provided:

How to Automatically Restart Mining If Stopped

  1. The shortcut created should be placed in the following file: “C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”.

Create a shortcut of your mining batch

  1. Download the Windows Powershell script package and extract the files. The files are to be extracted in your (C:\) drive. (Have a look at the picture provided).

Download the Windows Powershell script package and extract the files

  1. Now, there is a need to make some changes in the script you have. The changes are to be made before you start mining!
  • $temptrig = 35. This is the temperature threshold. In case the temperature of your graphic cards goes below it, your miner will be restarted. Actually, the figure depends on the climate in the country where you live. We believe that 35 Co is the optimal temperature that‘ll work for almost anyone.
  • $tempmaxallow = 80. This is the threshold determining the maximum temperature on which your graphic cards can continue mining. Once it goes above the threshold, the mining process will be stopped so that to allow you GPUs to cool down. After that, the process will be restarted.
  • $totalgpuno = 7. The figure can differ depending on the number of the GPUs you use for mining.
  • $minername = “ccminer”. Everything is simple here. You just need to enter the name of your miner. In order to find it you need to open task manager. (Have a look at the picture below)

Need to make some changes in the script

  • $Minerpath = “C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\jkcrypto.lnk”. (If you followed the 1st and the 2nd step, there is no need to make any changes here)
  1. If you need the script to get loaded automatically each time you start your mining rig, move the file named “script auto restart” to “C:\Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\”.

That’s it. We hope the article will be useful for you. There are several other articles devoted to the topic of mining monitoring that you can find on our website.

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