Hashrate Difference Between GTX 1060 3GB GPU and GTX 1060 6GB Mining GPU

GTX 1060 3GB and GTX 1060 6GB Mining GPU

If you’re interested in buying a new GPU for your mining rig, you’re probably trying to compare the GPUs out there in order to decide which one is the best for you. Maybe, you’ve already chosen a couple of GPUs that seem to be great. Today, we offer you comparing GTX1060 3GB GPU and GTX1060 6GB GPU in order to understand what it is that makes them different from each other. Actually, there are many miners out there that may wonder why it so happens that they get different hash rates with these cards. At first glance, the GPUs and the hash rates they provide seem to be the same. Whether you like it or not, but the fact is that these GPUs differ from each other a lot. Everything comes down to specifics here. Even though both the GPUs have the same baseline clock rate of 1708MHz boost target, the same memory speed of 8Gbps and there is the same GP106-400 chip installed in them, they still have different hash rates. Let’s have a look at what it exactly is that influence the hash rate a miner can get if he/she chooses to buy any of these GPUs.

  • First of all, the VRAM of the graphic cards is different. One of them has 3GB VRAM and the other one 6GB.
  • One of the GPUs has 9 stream multi-processors (GTX1060 3GB) while there are 10 processors in the other one (GTX1060 6GB). Due to this difference, the CUDA Cores of the cards are also different (1152 vs 1280). Actually, the company that manufacturers the GPUs (Nvidia) said nothing about the fact that there is 10% difference of CUDA cores between this card and GTX1060 6GB GPU. It was only mentioned that the 3GB GPU hashes a bit slower than the 6GB GPU.
  • GTX1060 3GB has less texture mapping units than the 6GB GPU. This units are responsible for texture filtration and bitmaps manipulation. (I should say that there is no evidence proving that this difference has an impact on the hash rates you get with the GPUs we’re talking about)

Now, let’s get down to the mining performance itself. In case you decide to get GTX1060 3GB GPU, the max hash rate you’ll get when mining Ethereum amounts to 20-23 MH/s. Keep in mind that the quality and overlock settings on the GPU also matter here. If you’re up to mining Equihash, the max hash rate you’ll get with this card amounts to approximately 250-300 Sol/s.

If you plan to get GTX1060 6GB, you can expect to get the following hash rates: 23-25 MH/s (when mining Ethereum) and 300-350 Sol/s (when mining Equihash). The obvious conclusion we can come to is that the mining performance of the 3GB GPU is approximately 15% lower than the one of the 6GB GPU.

As always, the choice is up to you! We believe that in case you can get the GTX1060 3GB GPU for a rather low price (85% off the price offered for the 6GB GPU), there is no need to hesitate here. Of course, you should get the card. However, there is one thing you should remember. Due to the fact that this card has a slightly lower hash power than the 6GB GPU, you’d better get several 3GB GPUs. This way you’ll be able to generate a good hash power on your rig. (It means that you should have a motherboard with 6-7 PCIe slots so that you can install additional GPUs on your rig).

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