Link Between the GPU Brand and Overall Hashrates

The link between the GPU brand and overall hashrates

Hello, everyone! Actually, we believe that some miners may already know about the thing we’re going to talk about today. Still, we think that the thing we’re going to discuss will be interesting for those who haven’t been mining for a long time. If you’re one of those people, keep reading!

Have you ever wondered why you have higher (or lower) hashrates than your friend(s) who mine the same crypto currency as you? The crux of the matter here is that there is a link between the brand of the GPU you use and overall hashrates you get. In particular, the hashares you get depend on the company that built memory on your GPU. There are lots of brands at the market nowadays. Of course, the price you’re to pay also differs. This is mainly due to the fact that some memory brands can guarantee higher speed than others.

If you want to get the memory that’ll allow you to mine as fast as possible, pay attention to the brand you want to get. This is very important in case you’re going to deal with memory intensive algorithms (for example, Ethash). Samsung memory is very popular among miners because it guarantees 20-25% higher hashrates than its competitors. However, this is the brand for which you’re expected to pay a rather high price. If you don’t have that much money to spend, you may have a look at the memory from Hynix.

If you’re more interested in Equihash algorithm, you’ll be happy to learn that the hashrates you get there don’t depend on the brand of memory on your GPU that much. The thing is that this is exactly the GPU’s core clock speed that plays a more important role here.

We hope you find the information to be useful. Let your mining process be successful!

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