No GPUs in Stock!

No GPUs in stock

The popularity of GPU mining seems to have increased a lot recently! If you planned to buy a new GPU for your mining rig…it may so happen that you’ll fail to do it. Lots of people on various forums devoted to cryptocurrency mining say that they’re unable to buy new graphic cards since there are no GPUs in stock. The same posts some of you may have already seen on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.). So what you should do in case you’re unable to find and buy GPUs online?

We suggest you taking advantage of the portals that provide comparison charts for GPUs. As a rule, these charts allow you not only to decide which graphic card will be the best for you, but they also provide data on where you can buy the GPU you’re interested in and how much you’re expected to pay for it. Despite the fact that such like portals update the charts posted regularly (every hour), a lot of people still fail to get the card they want on time. By the time they make the decision, there’re no cards left! It may seem crazy and yet this is the way the things are at least for now.

Of course, due to high demand the prices of the GPUs are increasing rapidly. This is something that we’ve faced with. We’ve recently seen a couple of orders offering 1070ti GPU from Zotac for only $459. The offer was posted on Amazon. We followed the link and… saw that there was no GPU for the price mentioned left. (We also checked if there were any in Walmart and came out with nothing) The GPU for $459 was said to be sold out on Amazon very fast. However, if we wanted, we could buy the same graphic card but for $899.

It seems like the only thing you can do in order to buy a GPU is to try purchasing it as quick as possible!

Important Update: There is a group of miners saying that they can buy GPUs on Amazon even when there are no available. (As it’s stated on the website, the GPUs bought will be shipped when available). We’ve checked that. If you open the website, you won’t see the “Ship when available” option. However, you’ll see the option if you go to the website.

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